Advisory Services

Equity Management Group, LLC provides fee-only (no commission) investment management and financial planning services for its clients. EMG accepts full fiduciary responsibility for actions taken on behalf of its clients. 


EMG provides services to individuals, non-profit corporations, pension and profit sharing plans and other ERISA accounts, trusts, estates, and business entities. 


Our services are based on the individual needs of the client (see Types of Clients below). Prior to the initial interview, we ask clients to complete a questionnaire regarding information that is central to their current and future financial well-being. Clients are able to manually update their financial circumstances through the Personal Wealth Management Portal provided by Equity Management Group, LLC. Based on the questionnaire and other information gathered from the client, we will develop recommendations that may help them better utilize their financial resources, plan for intermediate and long term goals, and improve their investment strategies.

For example, if the client is a corporation, we will work with the Board to be certain that they have a clearly defined and dynamic Investment Policy Statement that outlines the organization’s near-term and long-term financial goals, and their investment strategies to help attain those goals.

For individual clients, we discuss their current estate plan, provisions for emergency funds and appropriate insurance, their retirement plans, their home and mortgage information, and any significant anticipated financial changes. We then develop an investment plan designed to attain their financial goals.

We ask our clients to review the information they have provided us at least annually, and any time there has been a significant change in their financial circumstances. If there have been significant changes, it is the client’s responsibility to notify Equity Management Group, LLC of those changes. We encourage our clients to call us any time during normal business hours to discuss any matter relating to their account, financial situation and plans, or investment needs.

Clients will receive from the custodian of their account timely confirmations and at least quarterly statements containing a description of all transactions and all account activity. The client will retain all rights of ownership of securities and funds in the account to the same extent as if the client held the securities and funds without using Equity Management Group, LLC’s services. In addition to statements from the custodian, Equity Management Group, LLC sends quarterly reports to the client.


Equity Management Group, LLC is only compensated by fees based on investment assets managed, as follows:

A.  All accounts, 0.0025 (0.25%) of average weekly account balance of the previous calendar quarter (1% per year). The annual fee is reduced 0.10% for each $1,000,000 increment over the first $2,000,000, with a minimum incremental rate of 0.5%. Minimum account is $100,000 unless prior arrangements are made. Accounts may be structured using any combination of individual stocks, mutual funds, or other securities, depending on account size. Fees are negotiable, and some clients will be charged lower fees than outlined above. Both lower and higher fees may be found for similar services from other advisors. Fees are payable after each calendar quarter, and are prorated for partial quarters. Either party may immediately terminate management contract by written notice. Fees will be prorated to the next business day, unless client terminates within five business days of entering contract, in which case no fees are charged.

B.  Clients may pay fees directly or may authorize the custodian holding client funds and securities to deduct Equity Management Group, LLC’s advisory fees direct from the client account in accordance with statements prepared and submitted simultaneously to the client and custodian by Equity Management Group, LLC. The custodian will provide periodic account statements to the client. Such statements will reflect any fee withdrawals by Equity Management Group, LLC. It is the client’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of the fee calculation. The custodian will not determine whether the fee is properly calculated. Equity Management Group, LLC’s quarterly statements provide the steps involved in calculating individual client’s fees.

C.  Equity Management Group, LLC has no agreements with any person or company to pay or receive any form of compensation for referrals.


Equity Management Group, LLC purchases independent research from several sources. We also utilize independent research that provides comparative analyses of research products available from various research companies. Additionally, our own analysis includes fundamental and proprietary technical studies. 


Equity Management Group, LLC builds investment portfolios in line with customers’ investment goals and risk tolerance. There are four primary objectives clients can choose from: Aggressive Growth, Growth, Growth and Income, and Conservative Growth and Income. Clients may use a combination of the four to further refine their risk tolerance and investment goals. Client portfolios can vary individually based on the client’s short and long term goals, and investment risk tolerance.


In our investment account supervision, Equity Management Group, LLC utilizes various securities such as stocks, mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), U.S. Government and corporate bonds, option contracts on securities, and Master Limited Partnerships. While there is risk in all investments, some carry a greater degree of risk or higher costs. There is no guarantee that the investment strategy selected for the client will result in the client’s goals being met, nor is there any guarantee of profit or protection from loss.

Here is a brief discussion of the risks and opportunities of different investment securities: